Alberta Games Series


Calgary, Alberta

Alberta Games Series - A game industry event for studios of all sizes.

Digital Alberta is proud to announce the first instalment of the Alberta Games Series, happening December 15 – 16, 2022 in Calgary, Alberta.

The Alberta Games Series is a cross-province event from regional ecosystem partners such as: Calgary Economic Development, Edmonton Screen Industries, and Calgary Game Developers Association. A second instalment will be hosted in Edmonton sometime in 2023.

This unified, in-person event is designed to bring together all levels of our industry for two days of programming and networking. Featuring international and Canadian speakers, breakout sessions, and of course, a partyRevival Brewcade!

Hilton Garden InnLocated in the Heart of East Village
Calgary, AB


Learn from Canadian and international industry experts.

Clara Sia

Senior Influencer Strategist at Devolver Digital

Providing global influencer strategy, relations management, and campaign execution for premier indie games at a sub-optimal publisher.


Anahit Fernández

Producer at Navegante Studios

Ana holds an MBA and has a background in human resource management. In 2020, she took responsibility for the production, business development and administration of Navegante Studios while releasing their first video game Greak: Memories of Azur on all the major platforms.

Jared Tan

Community Strategy at Nerial + Devolver Digital

Jared helped grow the Cult of the Lamb community to hundreds of thousands of followers and members while blending creativity and analytics. He's written about these staggering numbers and will share many aspects of building game communities on social media.

Jason Della Rocca

Games Business Consultant, Co-Founder of Execution Labs, Chairman at GamePlay Space

Jason is a game industry entrepreneur, funding advisor, and cluster expert. He specializes in business/partnership development, pitching/funding, and ecosystem/cluster development.

Pedro Medeiros

Pixel Picker at EXOK Games

Originally from Brazil, Pedro now lives in Vancouver, working at EXOK and in other solo projects. He was an artist on Celeste, TowerFall, Out There Somewhere and made a bunch of pixel art tutorials.


Our two day schedule is jam-packed.

Game industry sessions, indie game showcase and an arcade after party.

Informal conversations with game industry experts and the Alberta games ecosystem.

  1. Badge Pickup and Chatting

    Coffee and Pastries with your Peers

    - MST

  2. Opening Remarks by Mark Meer

    Commander Shepard, Mass Effect Trilogy

    - MST

  3. Influencer Marketing Strategies for Indie Games

    Clara Sia, Senior Influencer Strategist at Devolver Digital

    - MST

  4. Building Launch Momentum: A Framework for Community Validated Deployment

    Jason Della Rocca, Games Business Consultant, Co-Founder of Execution Labs, Chairman at GamePlay Space

    - MST

  5. Lunch and Indie Showcase

    Buffet and Game Stations

    - MST

  6. Social Strategy for Card Cheaters and Cults

    Jared Tan, Community Strategy at Nerial + Devolver Digital

    - MST

  7. A Celeste Art Postmortem

    Pedro Medeiros, Pixel Picker at EXOK Games

    - MST

  8. The Role of a Producer in an Indie Game Studio

    Anahit Fernández, Producer at Navegante Games

    - MST

  9. Closing Remarks by Digital Alberta

    - MST

  10. Happy Hour

    - MST

  11. After Party hosted by CGDA

    Revival Brewcade

    - MST

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Digital Alberta
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